About Me

About Me

Who is this Mr Mac guy anyway?

It's a clock

My name is Craig MacGregor and I'm an Art Teacher and Artist from South London, UK. I've been called many names by my students over the years including "Mr Umbrella", "Mrs MacGregor" and of course "Mummy" - but for now we seem to have settled on Mr Mac.

Mr Mac - you're covered in art!

I first started dabbling with fluid acrylics with my students in 2018 and found myself very quickly hooked. I started to take it more seriously and started posting photos of my paintings on instagram, mostly just to keep a record of what I'd created. Now I am very grateful to be in a position where people want to buy my artwork.

I love to experiment with colours and techniques. I will paint on anything that comes to hand but my preferred canvas nowadays is a vinyl record.

Thank You for reading!